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    Saving a zoom position?


      Hi. I am drawing a comic and I have a template made for the panels I can then reuse. I noticed this program takes into account how far zoomed out you are and then fills the rest with transparency or white based on your choice. That's okay, however since it's a repeating comic it needs to be consistent. I need to zoom in to the comic to do the fine details and then zoom back out to export. But it would be really handy to have a tool to zoom to a snap exact position, so my comics don't vary a little bit image to image.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi RoseHeart.


          Which version of the app are you using? In the iOS version of Draw when zooming in, the level of zoom is represented as a percentage (this does not happen in the Android version of the app).


          This is a great feature suggestion though and I'll pass it along to the product team.



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            KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

            Unfortunately, there is no way to remember a "zoom to position", or undo camera view (focus area) yet.


            I think may be due to the way tablets handle zoom and position separately with the same gesture.  I'm not sure I've seen that on any mobile app.


            You probably know that you can draw outside of the artboard, and transform each layer (albeit individually, unlinked). So maybe there's someway you could use the artboard as your focal position, then draw outside (only works to 15% view of artboard tho)?

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              roseheart Level 1

              I am using this on a smartphone by Android.