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    Newest PSCC update ( crashes when opening jpgs.

    SCare216 Level 1

      CC updated this week. I've used AI and INDD without incident. Just opened PS today by right-clicking a jpg and selecting Open With. PS loaded, then crashed. Sent a crash report. I then tried opening PS first, then navigating to the jpg. It crashed again. Sent crash report. Uninstalled and reinstalled PS (kept preferences). Opened reinstalled version and opened a Recent .psd. Opened fine. Closed file and then tried to open a Recent jpg. Crashed again. Sent crash report.

      Have never had to send crash reports for CC or had any real issues with CC, so not sure if I await team's response to reports (I imagine response won't be quick) or try to get an answer here. Have no idea how to begin diagnosing the issue. I don't tweak my CC software with add-ons. I use as is.


      TYIA for any help!