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    Lightroom CC Android stuck on sync


      SAMSUNG Note 8:

      My syncing appears to have stopped working. This includes both downloading from the cloud and uploading from the images taken from my device. When I click on the cloud in the app on my phone the circle spins where it says "syncing" and I have 3 images where it says "adding photos" pending. It has been like this for about 12 hours.

      Syncing works flawless on my mac, pc and iPad but is broken on android.


      Below is what I have done:

      Restarted phone

      Reinstalled app

      Cleared cache

      Tried different wireless network

      Tried cellular network

      Toggled off all on wifi-only uploads

      Ensured Lightroom had all permissions on android

      Moved storage to sd card.


      Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.