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    Thumbnail view

    Tracy14 Level 1

      Before updating to Acrobat 2017 my thumbnail view always displayed TWO pages of content per thumbnail (i.e., a two-page booklet view), rather than just a single page per thumbnail. Is there a setting (or a technique) that will display a TWO-page thumbnail always - Rather than needing to move the separator for the navigation panel to the right every time I open a file?

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, there is a setting: When you drag the line between the thumbnail view and the document view toward the document (meaning that you are making the thumbnail view pane wider), you will eventually see two or more page thumbnails in a row.


          You can also click on the menu button in the thumbnail pane and adjust the size of the thumbnails:



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            Tracy14 Level 1

            Thank you - I am wondering how to get that setting to stay so that every file I open will open with two thumbnails and I don't always have to drag the line over to see two thumbnails.  Do you know if that is possible?