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    Importing Caurina Transitions Tweener.as to my AS3 File (Flash CS6)

    keelym35886708 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm working on an old Flash cs6 file (that I did not write) - and I'm trying to understand how to incorporate the tweener.as file from caurina/transitions into my project.

      I have the caurina folder (with the transitions folder and tweener.as file) in the same folder as my .FLA source file that I'm working off of.


      This project was apparently built using the caurina transition tweener class, but now I'm at a loss for how to incorporate this class.


      I keep getting the error 5001:The Name of package "caurina.transitions' does not reflect the location of this file. Please change the package definition's name inside this file, or move the file. (Then it lists the current file path).


      I'm confused because it is in the same file as my .FLA file and the path ends with caurina\transitions\Tweener.as  - what am I missing?

      I tried renaming the package name in the Tweener.as file to include a longer file path, but that just gave me a bunch of syntax errors.


      I'm not familiar with AS3 or including external libraries in CS6 very much at all, so I apologize for my slowness. .


      Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!