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    Complaint / Adobe refuses to answer my phone call


      No joke, Adobe actually refuses to answer my phone call. I called to register a complaint, after speaking with 7 individuals over the course of an hour, the operators literally hang up on me now. My calls connect, I often hear the beginning of a greeting or someone take a breath, then they hang up on me.


      I am pissed.


      Long Version:

      First, I had an issue with the new LR CC. Really, not a big deal. I spoke to someone on Chat to make sure I really understood how LR CC is working. From that conversation, I determined that I could no longer be a customer. I told the guy on chat, he said he'd let his supervisor know. I asked how I could register an official complaint - the kind that has a case number. He gave me a phone number.


      I called. First I got tech support, then sales, finally customer support. They said there was no process for registering a complaint (as is clearly obvious here on the forums now, but I just trusted the Chat Guy to give me accurate info). Then, I was sent to corporate. Finally, I thought I'd get somewhere! I wasn't very confident that the tech, sales, and other people I'd spoken to were right about no complaint process. I simply wanted to give them feedback and get a case number if they wanted to follow up. I even thought they might send me to a "customer retention" department or something.


      Wrong. Corporate was far worse. First operator transferred me to the "complaint department" which is just a recording giving some contact info and hanging up. Second operator said there was no complaint department. Also refused to give her name or any identifying info, saying, "I don't have to provide you with that." I asked how I could prove I'd spoken with her, and she hung up on me without a word - at least, I thought she hung up. Actually it started ringing, so I knew she'd transferred me. I ended up with some Indian guy who couldn't seem to understand me (I'm totally cool with tech support and stuff being outsourced to India, the first 3 people I spoke to had been there and had tried to help). However, I asked what department he was in (since I had no idea I was being transferred). He said, "India". I said, yes, but what DEPARTMENT - tech, sales? And he seemed confused and hung up on me.


      Now I was very frustrated. Called Corporate again, waited 7 minutes to speak with someone, told them I was trying to make a complaint and they were the 7th person I'd spoken to - they transferred me without a word to the recording. Called back - someone hung up immediately. Called back 10 more times, waited anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes as the phone rang. Each time, I could hear someone answer, often with a breath or beginning of a word, then they would hang up on me. TEN TIMES.


      TEN TIMES operators HUNG UP on me.



      Your customer service is atrocious.

      Your lack of a complaint process is ridiculous.

      Your new products are unacceptable.

      You've lost a customer.


      PS - While I was frustrated in the later phone calls, I was never rude, inappropriate or yelling. There is no justifiable reason for them to hang up on me / refuse to answer calls.


      PPS - Any Adobe rep who sees this - don't bother looking up my current account status / products, as I am posting this complaint from an old account. I don't want it associated with my primary Adobe account because clearly there is retaliation for complaints.