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    Filename changes on import in Lightroom mobile for IOS


      Why does Lightroom mobile on IOS change the filename of raw files when importing from the camera roll on IOS?

      The name change is like this: Original RAW-File IMG_9170.cr2 the filename after import in Lightroom is IMG_3090.cr2.


      When i don´t have enough free space on my iPad i will not import all raw files into Lightroom. After editing on the iPad and syncing the pictures to Lightroom on my MacBook i want to import the remaining pictures from my SD-card. But thats difficult when the names have changed. I end up with many duplicate pictures i have to manually delete.


      Also it would be possible to import all pictures from sd-card to Lightroom on the Mac before starting the sync with creative cloud. In this case the long download from the cloud would not be necessary and only the editing changes i did on the iPad have to be downloaded.