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    LR CC with PF (Adobe Portfolio)

    Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hi Guys and Gals,

      I haven't had time to explore the new LR CC yet.  And I sometimes field questions in the Adobe Portfolio forum.  But I can't answer this one.   Uploading photos has little flexibility

      I was wondering if any of you have any insights into how this new LR CC integrates with PF.




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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It doesn't at all. Lightroom CC can only export to jpeg or share to Facebook. You can always export jpegs and use those on portfolio but Lightroom CC integrates with basically nothing - only itself. Lightroom Classic integrates with a multitude of services but Lightroom CC only with Facebook.

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            To be clear it doesn't specifically integrate. Apparently Portfolio can use images synced to the Adobe Cloud from either Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC. Those are always full resolution (Lightroom CC) or smart preview (Lightroom Classic) size. You can't control the size they are uploaded there except for the trick the poster quotes. Now they should realize that Portfolio likely creates lower resolution images for web display on the fly. You don't need to upload lower resolution images to accomplish that.

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              Rich Beaubien

              I'm the OP...

              This is a case of operator error.


              The error... On the Portfolio website if you are Editing Page Content or starting a new Page, the floating toolbox has two options the one at the top Upload Files or further down Lightroom Photos. Upload Files is a local search for photos while Lightroom Photos connects to LR CC. Due to the combo of my poor eyesight and the transparency of the toolbox I only saw the one option.



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                Rich Beaubien Level 1

                And just to lend a modicum of understanding to my concern...


                I turned on right-click access and down loaded a photo. It's 1920 x 1275 x 24bpp at a 91 jpeg quality. That makes for a 26.67 x 17.71 inch (67.7 x 45.0 cm) print. The metadata seems to be stripped out except copyright info, which is good. But that online image size is way to large for me. It did not matter which device I downloaded a photo from, I could get to that large file even on my phone. Granted disabling right-click helps but for me it is not enough.


                So I've solved my issue. But my suggestion is to definitely disable the right-click option. Just be aware that at this point the images posted via LR CC are large despite the alleged responsive design. Hopefully it will get better.