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    Prototype links in a symbol not propogating

    glenlipka Level 1

      According to this feature - the capability is there:

      Allow interaction wires/links from objects inside a symbol – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs


      However, this is not working for me. Windows 10, XD CC




      1. Make a symbol like a sidenav bar
      2. Copy that symbol to 5 pages (5 links)
      3. Now go to the original symbol (or any I guess)
      4. Wire up prototype links inside the symbol
      5. Go to the other pages


      Expected behavior: They all have the links

      Actual behavior: Nothing - and a deep sign of frustration from me


      Is this supposed to work the way I assumed and is broken? Or is this "as designed", in which case I might switch to another product because that is not cool at all.


      Thank you.



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          Did you ever find a solution to this?

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            I just spent quite a while researching how to add links to a symbol then copy it to other pages. It seems weird to me that you must do this in one specific ritualistic way, where you copy the symbol from within prototype mode. But when I did that, the links embedded in the symbol, a masthead for a website with a bunch of buttons all linking to their pages, did not carry over to all the instances. It was ridiculously random. Out of 20 or so copies of the symbol, they almost all had different combinations of the links intact. It is very frustrating. After spending all that time, it seems I have to go back and link every instance of the masthead individually, button by button, which is exactly what I did not want to have to do.


            I also don't know whether, even if the feature is working the way it is meant to, I would be able to tweak the links and have them propagate. I have a sinking feeling that that wouldn't be the case, that I'd have to ungroup the symbol, tweak the links, then delete all the other uses of the symbol then copy and paste the symbol back onto every page.


            Adobe Support - is there any help you can offer here? Is this feature just not really sorted out yet? It seems very sketchy so far.

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              I would really like to know the answer to this. Adobe any reaction? This seems basic functionality in order not to go crazy over prototyping a wireframe.