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    Prototype links in a symbol not propogating


      According to this feature - the capability is there:

      Allow interaction wires/links from objects inside a symbol – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs


      However, this is not working for me. Windows 10, XD CC




      1. Make a symbol like a sidenav bar
      2. Copy that symbol to 5 pages (5 links)
      3. Now go to the original symbol (or any I guess)
      4. Wire up prototype links inside the symbol
      5. Go to the other pages


      Expected behavior: They all have the links

      Actual behavior: Nothing - and a deep sign of frustration from me


      Is this supposed to work the way I assumed and is broken? Or is this "as designed", in which case I might switch to another product because that is not cool at all.


      Thank you.