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    Missing Projects


      I'm missing certain images from projects that I haven't deleted.


      I know I'm not using the wrong account, but I have shared the account across multiple devices. I mainly used the school-provided iPad that they gave students to work on Draw, but once I moved out and returned my device, I've had to use my own tablet. When I opened the app for the first time in months on my tablet, I discovered that I was missing a large chunk of images across different projects. Old drawings that I had deleted were still there, and are still there. I feel like it should have updates by now, (it's been a few weeks), but it's still the same. I have plenty of storage space.


      I'm hesitant to delete and reinstall the app, because when I did it in my phone, only one of my projects loaded when I relogged. I don't want to relog for the same scenario, but I honestly don't know what to do. I'm thinking the problem is slow internet, but I'm not sure.


      Any ideas?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Mataea


          Sorry syncing isn't working correctly. It does sound like you may have two accounts (with some of the work in one and some in another. But, what do you see when you sign in with your Adobe ID to Adobe Creative Cloud?


          Do you see your missing work here: http://assets.adobe.com/assets/mobile?filter=draw or here: http://assets.adobe.com/assets/mobile?filter=archive?


          Let me know what you find.



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            mataeaj88227176 Level 1

            When I sign into my Creative Cloud, it only shows what is currently in my app. I'm missing around eleven or so drawings, and one of the drawings I know I finished on my other device is still unfinished. I even have a screenshot of the finished product.


            I tried my other account, but I've never used it, so nothing was showing up in the storage. The only account I've used is this one.


            I dont know if they will ever sync, but I honestly hope they do.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Mataeaj.


              I'm sorry about your missing work.


              It sounds as if work didn't sync and maybe was deleted... I'm not sure. So I have a few questions for you that may help me figure out what happened to your work:

              What version of Draw are you using?

              What device are you using now? And what device were you using before?

              Did you ever uninstall/reinstall Draw?

              You mentioned that you signed in to assets.adobe.com to check your work; did you check the Archive folder at http://assets.adobe.com/assets/mobile?filter=archive? Did you see any of your work there?


              Any additional information you can give me will help.



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                mataeaj88227176 Level 1

                I am currently using version 4.2 on an iPad Mini, and previously I was using IPad pros that my school gave to the students. I didn't use my own iPad often, because it was running kind of slow before I cleared out the storage. I haven't deleted Draw or logged off of the account on my iPad. I don't know if I should've sinced the two when I had the chance (if that was even possible) or what.


                There's nothing in the assets, just old projects that I had deleted before that didn't have any of the missing files.


                Thank you for helping so far, I really appreciate it.

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                  mataeaj88227176 Level 1

                  Synced* not since

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                    Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                    Hi Mataea,


                    The one thing that I'm concerned about is the former iPad sharing.


                    When a device is being shared, if the work from one account has not synced when someone signs in with another account, the work from the former account will not be saved (it's a privacy issue that will be changing in an update early next year). I'm worried that the work (and any other changes) you made on the shared iPad was never synced to Creative Cloud.



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