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    Photoshop DOM docs as HTML

    Davide_Barranca Level 1


      there's a little gem that perhaps you're not aware of.

      The InDesign developer Gregor Fellenz (aka grefel) poured some of his skills over the "omv" file (that ESTK uses to render the content in its Object Model Viewer window), to create an HTML display – indexed, searchable, much nicer and friendlier, in my opinion.


      You can find it here: https://www.indesignjs.de/extendscriptAPI/photoshop2015.5/


      No worries if it says 2015.5 and we're at 2018. Apparently, Adobe didn't bother to update the omv file – because there's nothing new to document in the DOM. I did mention Fellenz's work in this post omv.xml for CC 2018 but I thought it should deserve a more findable Forum entry.