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    Sync with Lightroom Classic

    Ralf Jüngling Level 1

      I had a lot of confusion about the changing thought the new Lightroom cc. Now I see in my Lightroom classic the status of synchronisation. this give me the hope there will be a workflow between  both ... to using classic for professional adjustment and using cc for sync ...
      but does anybody know how it will use? is it in both ways? when I import photos in cc, will it automatically sync with classic and I can adjust in classic with ?


      and what is with the old catalog from classic after migration? - can I delete originals after sync with cc ? 

      Is there a way to work with both apps on the same photos originals in the cloud?


      try to look in tutorial but don't find clearly information to unterstand.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          See this thread. It outlines a number of options for using both apps with an understanding of the eco system.


          Can I use both Lightroom CC and Classic?

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            This is how I use both programs:


            My Catalog that has everything in it, external hard drives, Lightroom Classic CC. I do NOT migrate that to Lightroom CC, as I will eventually go over 1TB and I'm not willing to pay them more for more TB's of cloud storage.


            Therefore, if I am going to travel or edit on my iPad I put the photos in Lightroom CC (Cloud) when I know I no longer need them on the go or I want to do more heavy duty editing to them I then go to Lightroom Classic CC unpause Lightroom mobile sync and all the photos come in their own folders named after the date they were taken. I then take those photos and drag them to the folders I actually want them in on my external hard drive (Not the cloud) then I delete them from the cloud.


            Right now it basically allows me to edit in the car, camping, not having to wait to get back to my computer to cull images but it is still far off for me to do my most serious edits.


            In fact Lightroom is falling behind when it comes to doing my serious edits, although I like it as a basic editor and a catalog system but if it's a photo I care about more often than not I'm having to right click, export to, Luminar, Aurora HDR 2018, etc. As those systems don't have the catalog system Lightroom has but has much more powerful editing features, including layers, it's like having layers in Camera raw as opposed to Photoshop.


            It's just not ready yet IMO, although I still got it as I was offered the 1TB storage for 16 dollars as opposed to the 21 dollars for all 3 programs and 1TB. You can get that offer too if you go into your account.


            I do not like that even on the Lightroom CC Desktop you cannot right click and export to other programs other than Photoshop, you have to actually export the photo out of the program and open it up in another program, which means it might as well already be in Lightroom Classic CC.


            Other programs are really going a long way nowadays and Adobe doesn't seem to be catching up to them, as soon as those companies release catalog systems it's gonna force them to compete which will be good for all of us.


            Another example is I have been preferring Affinity Photo on the Mac and on the iPad as opposed to Photoshop. I like that even on my iPad it's the full version and not some dumbed down version. That's the mistake Adobe makes, when they bring something to mobile they dumb it down while other companies are bringing their programs to mobile and it's the full version and runs plenty smoothly, in some cases better than on the computer.


            I will take the cloud workflow more seriously when they do essentially make it have all the same things as the classic version. It CAN be done. It might would require a rewritten code but Affinity Photo shows it can be done.

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              Ralf Jüngling Level 1

              I did test now a little bit more. i

              It's better than I thought.

              After the integration, the link to the original catalog with CC Classic continues to exist. I can still edit, tag, etc. all the images in CC Classic. You're synced with Lightroom CC. However, I can not delete them in CC Classic to save space - then they will be deleted in Lightroom CC too.

              When I edit images from the migration in Lighroom CC this is not synced with the original catalog in Classic.

              However, of all LighroomCC images + albums,  is displayed in Classic as smart collection and synced in both directions.

              Next, I'll test, how it behaves with the new imports. sorry for wrong words, my Lightroom is not an english version and my english is bad ;-)

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                My question is simple.


                If I upload and work on photos in Lr Classic, will they be auto-synced and usable in the new Lr? Same thing going the other way around... Lr -> Lr Classic.

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                  Triplecorpse Level 1

                  Lr classic does not synchronize with Lr CC. Thought, Lightrooms CC from ios and desktop synchronize perfectly.
                  Lr classic has just downloaded initial photos from CC but when I edited them in CC they didn't update in classic and vice versa.


                  Is it expected behavior?

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                    Jim Wilde Level 5

                    LuckyLucOnBass  wrote


                    My question is simple.


                    If I upload and work on photos in Lr Classic, will they be auto-synced and usable in the new Lr? Same thing going the other way around... Lr -> Lr Classic.

                    The question may be simple, but the answer is a little more complicated:


                    1. Syncing images from Classic to the cloud is essentially a manual process, i.e. images do not automatically sync until you manually enable them for syncing. You can do this by either adding the images to an existing synced collection, or by enabling an existing collection to be synced (in which case all images in that collection will then sync), or by simply adding images to the "All Synced Photographs" special collection. The nearest we can get to an automatic process would be by importing new images into an existing synced collection.


                    2. Once the images have been sync-enabled in Classic, smart previews (not the original full resolution file) will be uploaded to the cloud, and from there they will automatically download into any other synced app (LRCC on desktop, mobile, or web). Note that because they are smart previews only, sharing from any of the LRCC apps cannot be done in full resolution.


                    3. Importing into any of the LRCC apps does automatically upload those images as full originals, not smart previews, to the cloud, from where the full original will be available to access/share from any other LRCC app. The full original will also be downloaded and added to your LR Classic library in the location that you specify in the Classic Preferences.


                    4. Once you have the images in the cloud ecosystem, there are some limitations regarding ongoing syncing. Edits made on any of the apps (including Classic) will sync to all other apps. However, some metadata, notably keywords and location data, does NOT sync between Classic and the LRCC apps (keywords added via LRCC desktop or mobile WILL sync to other LRCC apps, but not Classic).

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                      andrman Level 1

                      Triplecorpse - have you tried to sync albums within Lightroom classic? When I set an album within Lr classic to sync to mobile, it shows up in Lightroom CC.

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                        Triplecorpse Level 1

                        I went to Preferences in Lr Classic, selected the tab seems 'synchronization' looked at console and there was an error that I had folders with the same name on Cloud. I deleted one of them and everything became good.


                        Think Lr should notify about errors in more obvious way