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    Kyle T. Webster brushes

    cyberwasp Level 2

      When I try downloading kyles brushes, nothing happens. The sites goes to a page with a lot of scrambled text. Anyone else?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          What version of Photoshop?    CC 2018 I believe has access to 1200 of his brushes






          Brush-related features


          Stroke smoothing


          New in the October 2017 release


          Photoshop can now perform intelligent smoothing on your brush strokes. Simply enter a value (0-100) for Smoothing in the Options bar when you're working with one of the following tools: Brush, Pencil, Mixer Brush, or Eraser. A value of 0 is the same as legacy smoothing in earlier versions of Photoshop. Higher values apply increasing amounts of intelligent smoothing to your strokes.

          Stroke smoothing works in several modes. Clicking the gear icon () to enable one or more of the following modes:


          Pulled String Mode


          Paints only when the string is taut. Cursor movements within the smoothing radius leave no mark.



          Stroke Catch Up


          Allows the paint to continue catching up with your cursor while you've paused the stroke. Disabling this mode stops paint application as soon as the cursor movement stops.



          Catch-Up On Stroke End


          Completes the stroke from the last paint position to the point where you released the mouse/stylus control.



          Adjust For Zoom


          Prevents jittery strokes by adjusting smoothing. Decreases smoothing when you zoom in the document; increases smoothing when you zoom out.




          Smoothing: Eraser tool


          While using stroke smoothing, you may choose to view the brush leash, which connects the current paint location with the present cursor position. Select Preferences > Cursors > Show Brush Leash While Smoothing. You can also specify a color for the brush leash.



          Brush Leash preferences


          Streamlined brush management


          Enhanced in the October 2017 release


          Working with brush presets is much easier in this release of Photoshop. You can now organize brush presets into folders—including nested folders—in the greatly-streamlined Brushes panel (renamed from Brush Presets in earlier releases).

          You can now choose to work with and manage brush-enabled tool presets and their attributes, accessible only from the Options bar in earlier releases of Photoshop, in the Brushes panel. Any brush-enabled tool preset can be converted into a brush preset; all of its attributes—such as opacity, flow, and blending mode—are preserved. Once you've converted brush-enabled tool presets into brush presets, you can choose to remove them from the tool presets list.



          Convert brush-enabled tool presets to brush presets



          Choose to remove or retain brush-enabled tool presets after you've converted them to brush presets.


          The Brushes panel itself incorporates a host of experience improvements in this release, such as the following:

          • In the Brushes panel flyout menu, easily toggle between the different views to see any combination of the brush name, brush stroke preview, and brush tip.



          Brushes panel: View just the information you need


          • View more brushes in the same screen space using the zoom slider.
          • Drag and drop brush presets to reorder them conveniently.
          • Collapse or expand folders to see only the brushes you need.
          • Use the Show Additional Preset Info option in the flyout menu to see the associated preset tool (for example, Eraser) and any included colors.

          For related information, see:



          Getting started with advanced custom brushes

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional

            Try a different browser. AFAIK the Edge and IE have shown that issue but Chrome and Firefox work OK.


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              cyberwasp Level 2

              Not a real problem, was just wondering if the website was having an issue. I tried chrome and safari and had the same issue. Heck, maybe it's me. lol