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    gegjr Level 1

      I have the Creative Cloud Photography Plan. Just what am I supposed to be updating?

      creative cloud updates.PNG

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          All those apps are included in your plan and all have updates.


          If you don't want them all then uninstall what you don't want.


          Photoshop CC is an older version of CC 2017. Some keep older versions installed for compatibility with older plugins and operating systems, hardware compatibility, workflow reasons etc. If you're happy to uninstall CC then go ahead.


          Lightroom CC and Classic CC are two completely different apps with different workflows. Read up on them. Adobe has, frankly,  done a terrible job in naming these apps. They've made it extremely confusing. Decide which suits you best. It's unlikely you'll want both.

          See https://www.lightroomqueen.com/lightroom-cc-vs-classic-features/

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            gegjr Level 1

            If Photoshop CC is an older version of Photoshop CC (2017) why are updates being offered for both apps?

            Why doesn't the Creative Cloud just show Photoshop CC(2017) as an update to Photoshop CC? How can there be an update to an app that supposedly is not being updated? Or are you saying the Photoshop CC is a standalone app? I didn't have Photoshop CC prior to subscribing to Creative Cloud Photography Plan. I used Photoshop Elements.


            To put it another way:


            Since I have the CC Photography Plan then I already have Photoshop CC (Yes, I installed it as part of my subscription to CC Photography Plan). So are you saying I have the option to update the original installation of Photoshop CC or update Photoshop CC (2017) which I've never installed? So since I've never installed Photoshop CC (2017) why is in the Creative Cloud app as an update?


            Please don't condescend to me or answer me like I'm stupid. Surely you can see why this would be confusing.

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              gegjr Level 1

              I have read all those articles! None of them address what I'm asking. They all talk about Lightroom none address the Photoshop CC vs Photoshop CC (2017) issue. Please explain to me why Adobe would offer and upgrade to Photoshop CC when supposedly Photoshop CC (2017) IS the upgrade?

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                John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Photoshop CC is a standalone application. I'd have to see the text revealed when you click What's New to understand why you're seeing Update rather than Install. You've indicated that you've already installed CC but it looks like an older version was installed. I've no idea why if a more current version was already available when you joined.


                Likewise with CC 2017. I don't know why it says Update if you've never previously installed it. Should say install.


                Adobe usually makes a careful distinction between install, update and upgrade.


                I'm not trying to be condescending to you or treat you like you're stupid. Not sure why you'd post that in replying to me.

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                  gegjr Level 1

                  First off this is why I said you're being condescending and treating me like I'm stupid. You said "If you don't want them all then uninstall what you don't want."


                  That is NOT an answer. It is insulting.


                  Now I'm going to include screen shots of the "whats new" from the Photoshop CC update options and "whats new" from Photoshop CC(2017).


                  This is from Photoshop CC "what's new" link.



                  This is from the Photoshop CC(2017) "what's new" link.



                  So, do I select update Photoshop CC and will that include the Adobe Color Profiles or do both get updated separately. These two options look like separate software versions.

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                    davescm Adobe Community Professional


                    You can have several versions of Photoshop installed ( I have three here).


                    Photoshop CC is actually the newest version . Why Adobe chose to call it CC instead of CC2018 I have no idea. If you just want one version of Photoshop then click update and go ahead. By default it will uninstall old versions.

                    However my advice would be to click update - then in the dialogue that appears choose advanced options and then uncheck remove old versions. That way you always have the older CC2017 on your PC to fall back on if you run across an insurmountable bug in the newer version.



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                      Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Just to add what's been said. Adobe doesn't really show what is being updated. That Photoshop CC is very generic and could be for any version. The update could also just be a new version of Camera Raw. It's very hard to tell exactly what needs to be updated. Here's my screen shot. Needs updating too.