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    Problems with CC Ball Action


      Hi there!


      I am having troubles with CC Ball Action. I used it as a background layer for multiple scenes. On top of everything, a placed a camera combined with a null layer. I always had a starry sky - sometimes with bigger dots, sometimes with smaller dots - of course depending on the angle of the camera. In the last two scenes, all of sudden the starry sky is gone. There are only a few tiny dots on the left edge. Even if I place the layer more centered it still makes no difference.


      I tried to create a new white solid, applied the CC Ball Action effect and placed it underneath my last two scenes but I simply can not manage to create another starry sky. I also tried to place this effect layer on top of the camera and null layer - so that it is not affected at all. And yes, I did push the 3D layer button for this layer as well - as I did before.


      I might have to add that it is a huge project with plenty of effects.


      Any ideas what I could do to get my starry sky back?


      Thanks in advance.