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    Flex and Java Objects (and Flex Tree)


      I'm trying to fill my flex tree using the data returned from my webservice...

      My Webservice is called findPersons and returns an array of persons (containing firstName and lastName properties).

      When I add myService.findPersons.lastResult as the dataProvider of my tree I just see Object in my tree, after adding the labelFunction attribute to my tree I could specify the firstName from the object should be used as my label. This is exactly what I need. The code looks like:

      private function readLabel(item:Object):String {
      return item.firstName;

      BUT, when my tree contains two types of objects, let's say objects of type:
      - person
      - adress

      Is there any way I can find out the type of the object. So in java I have Person and Address, but as far as I see in Flex I can't retrieve the java's object type. I would like to do something like:

      private function readLabel(item:Object):String {
      if (item instanceof Person) {
      return item.firstName;
      } else if item instanceof Address) {
      return item.city;
      } else {
      return "unknown";

      I know I can use resultFormat="e4x" but then I have to do all the handling my self and I don't bennefit from my Java object structure.

      PS: I'm looking for more information/examples about Flex and Java Object types / Flex Trees and Webservices, etc

      Best regards,