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    Problems with cloud file limits

    DrDzoe Level 1

      I'm a long-time subscriber to the full cloud and use a surprising number of the applications on many days.  When Lightroom CC came out, I thought great, it fits my needs in all sorts of ways.  So I decided to give it a try, download it, and convert my photo library over to it.


      My photo library has approximately 850GB of stuff in it.  So, after a long and hard search, I figured out how to buy more storage.  I upgraded my cloud storage to 1TB.  This was way harder than it should have been, but now I'm all ready to start.


      Only Lightroom CC thinks I only have 100GB of cloud storage, and that is full.  My account page on adobe.com says 1TB, Lightroom CC says 100GB.  A big problem.


      I spend about an hour on online support.  I'm passed around to other staff twice before anything is resolved.  The guy I finally get tells me that the technical team tells him that they are still seeing the 100GB in the Lightroom database, even though I have 1TB.  They will fix it.  I don't have to wait around - it will just get done and they'll send me a notice.


      I never get a notice.  Today, a week later, Lightroom still tells me I have 100GB storage.


      Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do next?  Is anyone from Adobe who can help reading this?  I can go on support again and try again, but I really don't feel like spending another hour online just to get no answer.


      It really feels like they have not thought through all the details of this new product, and in particular how it plays with full CC subscribers.  I wonder how thorough the testing was of my use case.


      And, of course, there doesn't seem to be an email support line.  It's either wait around or complain here.  So I'm trying the complain-here approach and seeing if it will work.





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          You have to sign out of Adobe Cloud on your desktop and sign back in, should update your storage.

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If signing out and back in doesn't work than you have no recourse but to keep bugging them and threatening to cancel your subscription if they don't fix it.

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              nickl18533135 Level 1

              I am an All Apps subscriber, have the same problem and wanted an additional 1TB of storage with which to use Lightroom CC. After a while on a Twitter chat I was given a link to purchase the 1TB, which I did three days ago.


              I can now see that I have 1TB in the Creative Cloud app under the 'Assets' tab as well as on the web view. There is a Creative Cloud folder on my Mac and I can upload files to this storage/manage it online etc. It all works fine! However, Lightroom CC still persists in showing that I only have 100GB and I cannot merge my Lightroom Classic catalogue as it says I do not have enough storage! I need about 400GB.


              I did try signing out of Adobe Cloud and signing in again as suggested. I think this may have activated the storage, but it has not helped with Lightroom CC sadly. I also wonder whether I was given incorrect advice and should have bought a Lightroom CC with 1TB plan rather than just 1TB of Creative Cloud storage. They could be two completely different products!


              Maybe the only solution is to bug them! There must be 1000s of All Apps subscribers who are all trying to do the same thing and no-one has the answer. Maybe Adobe has a problem with 1000s (millions?) of users uploading their catalogues simultaneously and are stalling!

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                DrDzoe Level 1

                I tried logging out and in.  The Adobe CC app recognizes my 1TB of storage, but Lightroom CC does not - it still thinks I have only 100GB.  And there doesn't seem to be any way for me to upgrade Lightroom to get an additional 1TB through that.


                It looks like this one isn't quite ready for prime time yet.



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                  nickl18533135 Level 1


                  As I suspected, the advice I was given to purchase 1TB of Adobe Creative Cloud was incorrect. To get it to work with 1TB you have to purchase a separate ‘Lightroom CC with 1TB’ plan. This is the same price as the basic 1TB plan. I’ve done this now and cancelled the wrong plan although, for a short while, I had 2TB!


                  I‘ve now merged my Lightroom Classic catalogue with Lightroom CC and have 1000s of photos uploading, which will take many hours I suspect. What I have noticed is that the folder structure I have with Lightroom Classic is not transferred to Lightroom CC. It is all organsied by date though, but it is going to take a huge amount of work to create new albums to match the old structure. My initial enthusiasm for Lightroom CC has now waned a bit!

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                    Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The trick is to before doing the migration to drag all the folders in Classic to the Collections area, creating new Collections that mirror your old folder structure. This can only be done before the migration unfortunately.

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                      nickl18533135 Level 1

                      It would have been great if I had known this earlier! Maybe it was suggested somewhere but I missed it. Why is it not possible to repeat the migration?

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                        Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        You can repeat it but you’ll have to delete everything on the cloud before you do. You can also duplicate your main classic catalog and migrate that but there is a possibility you’ll end up with every image duplicated in lr cc as the duplicate checking is not very robust. There is a big lack of documentation indeed.