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    Convert to DNG on import?


      Just curious if I've missed this somehow. Did Adobe give up on DNG for now with the new CC? I haven't seen an option to convert my RAF files to DNG on import or otherwise.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          LR CC is the mobile version of the newest LR versions. Are you asking about the mobile linked, Cloud Based, version of LR for install on a real computer or LR Classic CC? LR Classic CC is the newest version of the Desktop based version.


          If LR Classic I move it to the correct forum.

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            MikeyIdaho Level 1

            No, I posted this just where I meant to. When importing my photos on the new lightroom cc on desktop it doesn't give me an option to convert to DNG like like lightroom 6/classic. Just curious if they did away with that option for now. Would surprise me since Adobe is very invested in DNG.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              Whether this is a feature that will be added no one knows at this time other than the programmers as Adobe and they don't reveal future plans.


              You could always use the Free DNG converter program that Adobe offers and convert the images before importation.

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                Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Yeah it is gone and I would be surprised if it returns anytime soon. I can't see this being high on the priority list. This is a pity as many raw formats are terribly inefficient such as RAF and sony's raw format. There you really benefit in disk and cloud space from converting to dng. You should go to feedback.photoshop.com and post your suggestion. There probably are many people that asked for this already so you might be better off searching for an existing thread. I asked for this feature all the way back when the mobile version of Lightroom (which Lightroom CC is a port of to desktop OS) first started supporting raw import from sd cards for the exact reason of space saving.

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                  jahredwilson Level 1

                  You can't on import no, but I've figured out that you can use LR Classic to convert synced photos to DNG and the original file format is replaced in the cloud and LR CC.

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