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    Interactive Buttons in Acrobat causes Main Document Disappear

    Cavett Level 1

      I created an Interactive Document in InDesign consisting of buttons on a Map page that are linked to Photographs. I Exported this InDesign Document (with the Photographs) to an Interactive Acrobat Document (Mac High Sierra and Adobe CC 2018). The Buttons show well when opened in Acrobat, and the Buttons, when "Clicked" show the correct Photos.


      The Main Acrobat Page is a Map, which disappears once a Button is Clicked and the proper Photo appears. This is true even if I turn off Tabs. To get back to the Main Acrobat Page (the Map), I have to reopen that page using the Finder>Open Menu in Acrobat. Once I click another Button on the Map page, the same thing happens again.


      Is there any way to have the Main Map page be more accessible/intuitive/present to someone that is not so sophisticated with this Navigation?


      Thank you in advance for any help.

       Click Me First_And After Each Photo_Final Hike copy*.jpg