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    Lightroom CC migration problem


      After an Lightroom CC upgrade fiasco, where I was getting double-charged for two subscriptions, I have finally migrated my old Lightroom catalogue to CC. However, I am encountering several problems:


      1. No image files are sync'ing to the Cloud. The cloud icon at the upper right corner of Lightroom CC says files are being sync'ed, but I do not see any network or disk activities in my Mac's Activity Monitor.

      2. When I start Lightroom CC, I get a warning that "Your cloud storage is almost full. Upgrade to keep things running smoothly. Upgrade" I already have a 1TB plan.

      3. When I click on Upgrade, I am brought to an Adobe page, but I get an error message:


      There was a problem processing your request.

      If the issue persists, please contact customer support."

      4. When I go to my Adobe Creative Cloud page, under Assets, I don't see any image files.

      5. Under Adobe Creative Cloud / Activites page, I don't see any activities.


      So, none of the purported new cloud-based feature of LR CC is working. As a long-time user of Adobe products (20+ years) this is the worst new release I've experienced. You guys can do better than this.

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          Opticaljournalist Level 1

          I figured out the issue....for me , it was trying to sync photos that I once tried to upload, but cancelled. Problem is, I didn't know that there was a "lightroom cc for web" that had space for the files blocked off but the files weren't there. On your desktop go to

          help>lightroom cc web and delete the files. I was able to batch delete by ticking the check mark in the 1st block and scrolling down to the last "photo" and shift clicking and the delete choice is up top. Hope this helps !

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