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    Merging DRM authorizations?


      I spent 45 minute waiting on the online chat and was then directed here for a solution, so I hope someone can help me.


      Way back when I had purchased a bunch of DRm'd books and signed up with Adobe to authorize them on my old Sony ereader.


      In late 2015 I downloaded some books from a library in Victoria which inadvertently used a different ID (CloudLibrary and what appears to be my old library card number) and these were authorized using Adobe Digital Editions. Right afterwards I abandoned Sony's reader software for ADE and all subsequent book purchases have been authorized using that CloudLibrary account.


      Today I downloaded ADE for my iphone and bought a book using my current Adobe account (the one I use with the CC suite) and subsequently discovered the whole mess.


      I would like to get them all back on one of my Adobe ID accounts so I can read them. I have no idea what the password for my CloudLibrary account — I tried logging in on another computer and can't seem to figure it out— so I dare not deauthorise ADE on my computer which means I can't read the old books at all. What I would like is for someone to merge all three (or at least the two main ones) into one authorized account so I can access all my purchases on one device.


      Possible? Anyone able to help me?