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    How to resize a 4.53mb photo to a super small size WITHOUT losing quality?


      Hi, I've been trying to figure this out the entire day. I have a photo that is 4.53mb 3213x4017px that I need to resize to 255x340px WITHOUT losing any quality. I need it to look sharp when I zoom in. I've watched many tutorials and have tried converting to a smart object and then free transforming it, scaling it, image size (both 72ppi and 300ppi and 600ppi) using Bicubic Sharpener and Automatic. Absolutely nothing has worked please help ASAP! Need to get this done by tonight if possible. Every time I resize it looks alright if I do not zoom in at all, if I go to 150% or 200% it is pretty pixelated. Can anyone help? Is this image just too big? The original image is super sharp as compared to the resized image, I attached both comparisons below. 123help.jpg1234help.jpg


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