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    Adobe Reader DC issues on Windows 10


      I have Adobe Reader DC running my Windows 10 custom built ASUS system. Actually it has been running and working fine until this past week. Upon opening ANY pdf file on my desktop, or downloaded, I immediately get the following message:


      "Windows can not access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item"


      I attempted to uninstall Adobe Reader DC, restart the computer and then download and install a fresh copy. Upon completion of the install Adobe opens up fine. However once I close the program or file and attempt to open another I get the same message as above.


      Second, I went ahead and uninstall ALL Adobe products, shut the computer down and then rebooted. Once again went ahead and downloaded yet again another fresh copy of Adobe Reader DC. This time it did the exact same thing as before.


      Third, I restarted the computer in safe mode with networking and without networking and uninstalled all adobe products. Rebooted into normal operations, downloaded more fresh copies of Adobe Reader DC. This time it opened up and did the same thing again.


      Fourth, I decided to check the permissions of the execute program and found that every file is ghosted out, as if I don't have permissions to open them. From here I went into the security permissions settings of the execute file, AcroRd32.exe, 1. created a duplicate users, myself, with Read & Execute and Read Permissions.

      Rebooting the computer yet again, opening up Adobe it behaved in the exact same manner as stated above. Again, I went back to the AcroRd32 file and gave newly created user profile full access; still the same result. Going back to the AcroRd32 again, I enabled "Run this program as an administrator" for all user. This even resulted in the same actions as initial stated.


      Finally I have deduced that Adobe will operate only upon starting the computer or rebooting for only a brief period of time. Does ANYONE have any idea what is going on and what I should do to fix this issue asided from a fresh windows 10 install?

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          rons38264864 Level 1

          I thought maybe that my recent installation of EMET was interfering with Adobe Operations. I deleted that program, restarted the computer and reinstalled Adobe Reader. It appeared as if everything was good to go but atlas that victory was short lived as the problem is still present. Interestingly enough by right clicking a pdf file and choosing "open with - choose another app - Microsoft edge"... allows other pdf files to open in adobe reader?


          Still don't understand what is going on here...anyone have any ideas?

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            Lee1200r@gmail.com Level 1

            I have the same problem, will not open PDF files on my computer, Adobe Reader DC. It says i do not have permission to acess the file. I  downloaded another PDF reader from the microsoft store and it works perfectly, so its not a OS problem. And I was running as the Administrator.

            I also changed the shortcut to run as Administrator, and that will let me open the program and then open PDF files on my computer. If you want to run from File Explorer then you have to use the new downloaded PDF Reader program from the Microsoft
            Store, then mark it as the default.