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    PS wont open ANY jpgs, gifs ect since the lates 2017 update - HELP!!!!

    shéd57056621 Level 1

        PS 2017 is now broken after installing udate as a ref


      I am using an Imac and  and it wont open any images at all  - NONE of the options suggested on other help sites a are working for me - this has brought all  my work to a grinding halt - people are relying on me - very disappointed -  even in the CC 2014 progamme that I opted to keep just in case something like this happened - is there a way of uninstalling the updates and going back to the old versions


      From what I can see on other forums there are a lot of other issues too -

      I want to go back to before the update in a hurry

      it is costing us money and credibility and we are letting people down


      already tried right-clicking and manually selecting the Photoshop executable. It doesn't work.


      Some one else suggested they were able to solve this issue by unticking the Show "Start" Workspace When No Documents Are Open in the General section of the preferences - they  also disabled graphics acceleration but that didn't work, at least not on its own - but that doesnt work either just keeps giving me the message """Could not complete your request because the file was not found.""""


      I have even uninstalled PS 2017 and gone all the way back to PS2014 and it is still happening - AGGGRKKK!!!!!

      What has ADOBE done to this program...????? what good is an image editor that wont open or edit the most commonly used form of image?????


      I really need help on this please