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    Head Turns in CC2018 - "Swap Set"? How?

    bobokirk Level 1

      I'm liking the new features in CC2018, and see much improved workflows, etc., so thanks, 1st of all, for the work your folks put into this great product!
      I'm now trying to set up my characters' head turns, but am having no luck with Triggers/Swap Sets.
      I've got individual groups of 1/4 + 1/2 turns for each side (right and left), and of course a "frontal" group - all inside my "Head" group.

      When I drag the "1/4 Left" group into my "Triggers" section, it sets up the group as Dave shows in the Tut.
      When I add triggers to each layer in the group, I get no response in the scene.
      Please help ....Head Turns - Q1.JPG