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    Keyword Sorting

    TimB21 Level 1

      I've imported 6 Lightroom Classic catalogs into Lightroom CC. When I filter by keywords the keywords are listed mixed up alphabetically.  I'll see one group A-Z and then another group A-Z.  I suspect that some of these are the results of multiple imports.  Is there a way to have them totally sorted alphabetically?  Its kinda frustrating.





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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi TimB,


          Well, as now Lightroom CC don't show any sorting options in Keywords section, Could you please share the screenshots of the keywords you see in Lightroom CC?




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            TimB21 Level 1

            Sorry Mohit I gave up on Lightroom CC, too many limitations, speed issues and maybe my library was too large.  I returned to Lightroom Classic.  Maybe I'll return when the product matures as I love the concept and before it came had replicated the cloud aspect a way with Classic (shared folders using iCloud sharing.)