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    Jump to marker from inline scrolling text box

      First off, I am not a coder but a designer and we have a client that wants a specific navigation function in a CD project I am developing. On a marker I have set up, there is a long scrolling text box. Near the end of the scroll bar, there is a sentence in the box they want to have go to another marker within the project, not externally to the web.

      I had attempted a variation on a hyperlink lingo code but off-internet, this code was adding " http://" in front of the link and causing it not to launch. Since there are weblinks in this scrollbar too, I needed the lingo to check and make sure that links would still launch as well.

      "on hyperlinkClicked me, data, range,

      if (data) contains " http://" or ".html" then
      goToNetPage (data), "_new"
      go to marker (data)
      end if

      Any suggestions would be fantastic, I appreciate your patience with my novice coding. There is a deadline I am fighting so any help fast is doubly appreciated :)

      - Dragonpen