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    Where are the modules, and how do I add presets?

    BMPphoto17 Level 1

      I have to say that so far, I'm not liking lightroom cc at all. No modules, apparently no way to add presets either. OMG. I HAD to upgrade though I didn't want to. I had lightroom 4. Easy peasy. This is awful. Can someone let me know how to get the modules up and how to add presets that I have for all of my images to clients. What, am not going to be able to use them now?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The thing to realize is that due to a very unfortunate marketing decision, Lightroom CC is NOT AT ALL the update to Lightroom. It is a completely new program built from the ground up. It is more like a port of the mobile version of Lightroom to the desktop. It misses about 90% of what is in Lightroom proper. What you need to get is Lightroom Classic, NOT lightroom CC. Lightroom Classic is the update to Lightroom as you know it and it has all the modules and all the features you expected.