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    Help with Search Feature

    COHAN3 Level 1
      When I perform a search in the finished online help, the left pane displays the three FM files I imported rather than the topics that contain the search criteria. In other words I am seeing:
      If I double click the main help file, the first one, it will bring up one topic that contains the word in the right pane. Not sure how to handle this. Let me know if I can supply you with any information that will help you provide a solution.
      I tried this again except I imported a book file rather than the three separate FM files, thinking that might help, but it didnt. Everything else in the output is fine, but the search feature is really screwed up. Again, I search for a word and it responds by accessing the entire file rather than the topics that contain the search criteria.

      My primary reason for finally giving up my beloved robohelp for freamemaker application was to get a search feature that highlighted the search words in the right pane that showed the topic. Now with robohelp for html, I have an even worse search feature than before. If an adobe rep can't resolve this I will have to return the product for a full refund, and if I am declined a full refund I will take it to court.