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    Edits keep getting lost?

    mattp90902635 Level 1

      I keep finding that when I open the Lightroom Mobile app, adjustments I’ve made to my favorite photos are gone, and I’m starting to question my sanity.


      I start by taking photos with the Lightroom Mobile camera, and making some basic cropping adjustments while reviewing and rating my favorite photos.


      At some point, I will return to a photo and make further adjustments (e.g., color and selective edits).


      Later, when I reopen the app, those additional adjustments (e.g., color and selective edits) are gone, with no indicator that I have made *any* adjustments with those tools — but the basic, initial adjustments (e.g., cropping) remain.


      I then use those tools again to recreate the lost edits, only to later find that they have been lost upon reopening the app.


      This is incredibly frustrating, and seems to happen across a variety of environments (see below). It does *not* happen with every single photo I make additional adjustments to, but often enough that I start to question my own sanity.


      I appreciate any advice. Thanks!




      I’m on an iPhone 7 Plus, running the latest versions of iOS (11.0.3) and Lightroom Mobile (3.0.0 317C4C) — but this has happened to me on previous versions of iOS and Lightroom Mobile as well.


      I originally believed that this issue may be related to making adjustments when away from a WiFi connection, but I have also experienced it while at home, connected to my home WiFi network.


      In Settings, I have enabled “Use Cellular Data” and “Only Doenload Smart Previews”. I do not regularly use Lightroom on my desktop computer, and the loss of adjustments has occcurred with no changes in my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.