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    Disable (turn off) auto sync with Lightroom Mobile... (killing my bandwidth!)



      I've searched everywhere and can't find information on how to disable auto sync with Lightroom Mobile..  I signed in to try out the local adjustment tools on the trial, and now because I am signed in it wants to upload all the photos I have edited with lightroom mobile, which is around 350 very large files.  This starts to suck my wifi bandwidth to where I can't even load a website on my desktop computer..


      The only way to stop the sync is to logout (which now I can't even edit anything because it now requires me to log back in to edit at all) or I can stop it by turning off wifi on my phone.  But I do not want to turn off wifi on my phone when I'm at home as I would then start using up a lot of cellular data...


      Seems like this is something that has always been standard to have as an option.  I also don't want to be storing any of my photos on any cloud based storage regardless of bandwidth usage...


      Anyone know how to stop this?  Thanks for your assistance