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    Books in Digital Editions Disappeared

    Nicole_Barch Level 1

      I've been using Digital Editions to read a textbook for school homework assignments. Last week, my textbook disappeared from the app. It says that I have 0 items in my bookshelves. The textbook was set to expire in January, so I know that it didn't expire yet. I tried troubleshooting this issue by reading through some online forums, which mostly say to go into the Digital Editions folder in my computer and then the Books folder, then either drag and drop or paste the books back into the Digital Editions app. My computer has the Digital Editions folder, but no Books folder. So the downloaded books are not in my File Explorer. The book cost over $100, so I would really love to not have to repurchase it. I've already missed a homework and a writing assignment over the course of three days due to this problem, which is going to cause an 11 point deduction (more than an entire letter grade) from my final grade in the class. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,