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    Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar, image repositions on screen

    CinDroyd Level 1

      With the newest update for Photoshop CC (which I installed 10/19/17) there is a problem using Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar. Unless the image is zoomed in so that it's past the parameters of your screen size, any time you click on a different layer, the image repositions to the center of the screen. It's like it's set to snap to center. This new obnoxious quirk is highly detrimental to my usual workflow.


      My current workaround is to use the other Full Screen Mode (without Menu Bar), toggling 'F' again when I need the Menu Bar for something, and another couple times to get me back to the non-snapping Full Screen. This is definitely less than optimal but I can't figure out why it started doing that or how to change it in any of the Settings.


      Anyone have something that actually fixes the problem instead of using a workaround? I'm planning a call Adobe tomorrow to find out more.