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    Can't share online


      Hi there -


      After upgrading the XD CC, I can't share online via my enterprise account. I've tried signing out and logging in back to my account (following suggestions from other thread). However, I still can't share online. Can anyone help out?



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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Just to confirm, were you able to share from your enterprise account using the beta? Also, are you able to share from the same network using a different account?




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            avrilh79146859 Level 1

            Yes, I was able to share from my enterprise account using the beta. One of my coworkers tried with her account in the campus. Not working for her as well.

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              Preran Adobe Employee

              Hi Avril,


              If you have still not reached out to our support team, and need more help, please check with your administrator to contact us. We will do our best to help. If you are the admin, please DM your Adobe ID, location,and phone number over a private message along with the URL of this post. To send a private message, click my picture and use the Message button. We will get in touch with you for investigation.