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    LR Mobile to local harddrive backup via pc


      Did Adobe kill my workflow with the new LR update? I import my RAW photos directly to my iPad. Which would then sync up the original files to my Mac and then my mac get automatically backup to an external hard drive. This way I would have my raw files on my iPad to directly work on, and backup on my Mac and a backup of my Mac. Essentially giving me 2 backups.


      With the new LR CC everything seems to go to the cloud? My 20GB cloud storage is now full. How do I sync the original files to my Mac so I can back them up LOCALLY on an external harddrive? The 1TB paid backup subscription is too small for long term.

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          I do have the same question!! My former workflow (as described above by DivZero) does not work any more.


          Over the last few days I Imported plenty of DNG-files to my iPad Pro. I managed to import them from iOS Photo to LR mobile and edited half of them. Now I am back at my desktop and try to upload the original files to LR CC Classic. Unfortunately they do not upload from LR mobile. It says that the uploading is in process but nothing happens. Meanwhile I logged out and in again with LR mobile as it is recommended by adobe support. Now all my edits I did the last two days (we are talking about more than 1.000 photos) are gone!!! The imported pictures do not show up any more, only an empty album remained. This is not what I call a proper workflow. This is more than frustrating!!!! What can I do????