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    Reusing/Reapplying Buttons on Different Images

      I'm currently creating several Flash thumbnail galleries, one for each month of the year for 2007. I want the galleries to be identical with the exception of the actual thumbnail images. Each thumbnail is a button with its own actionscript. Now that I have completed the gallery for January, I would like to simply delete just the thumbnail images, but keep the button instances and properties in order to reuse them for all of the February thumbs so I don't have to re-type all the AS code, redo the rollovers, etc. I've deleted all the January thumbs (just the images), and inserted all the new February thumbs onto the stage, but have kept the buttons (which remain as unfilled green highlighted squares). I am trying to apply the old buttons to the new thumbs but can't figure out how.
      What is the best way to do this without having to convert the new thumbnail images to buttons and redo everything all over again?