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    Doing Web 2.0 research. Can Flex do this?

      Before we decide on Flex 3 our team has a couple of questions.

      1) Can Flex pull in files for certain sections much like an "include" works? For instance, we may want a file just for the header/footer/search form, etc. And for a certain client we may modify these files upon their request.

      2) If that include file is change/updated will the Flex application pick up the changes the next time that page is loaded or are there caching issues?

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          cartman1138 Level 1
          Keep in mind that the result of Flex is a Flash movie. You can make separate components for headers and footers, but they will be compiled in to the movie. You can keep the header/footer components separate and load them at run time, but they are compiled. Think of Flex as an easily distributed app not a different way to make web pages. Another thing to consider keeping the header/footer outside Flex entirely. You can make a static page with all the "window dressing" wrapped around the app.
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            chris.huston.t10 Level 3
            One option would be to use a module for your header and footer. There are no caching issues with modules in my experience. You could also use a separate swf and load it at runtime for your header. The module approach will generally give you smaller file sizes and thus faster loading. You have quite a few options in Flex for creating superior user experiences.