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    Presenter 7 installs, but no "Adobe Presenter" menu in PowerPoint

      System: Windows Vista SP1 with Office 2007.
      Presenter 6.1 has always worked for me without issues.

      I saw that Presenter 7 had been released, so I grabbed the trial version, uninstalled Presenter 6.1, and Installed Presenter 7. Installation completes without issues. However, when PowerPoint is loaded, there is no Adobe Presenter menu present. I followed the instructions in the release notes for enabling a disabled add-in, but Presenter was not listed as an add-in (disabled or not).

      I've tried a repair installation, I've removed and reinstalled, nothing gives me the Adobe Presenter tab in PowerPoint 2007.

      Anyone else experience this and found a solution? I can't wait to get my hands on Presenter 7, but if I can't get it installed, it's useless to me.

      For now, I reinstalled Presenter 6.1, and it is back and working fine.