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    Upgrading from LR6 Perpetual to LR Classic CC... Questions


      I am currently a LR6 standalone perpetual license user.  Now that this software will not be supported by Adobe in the future, I am considering updating to LR Classic CC (with the intent of storing files locally on my computer and editing locally).  I have some questions...


      1.  If I upgrade to the monthly subscription of $10/mo., will this automatically delete my existing LR6 perpetual license standalone version of the software on my C Drive or will it just update the existing software?

      2.  What happens to my existing LR6 standalone photo catalog?  Will it be converted or replaced so it can be used with the updated LR Classic CC?  Note:  I use a single catalog for all of my photos.

      3.  I do not want to store photos on the Adobe CC (Cloud).  I currently store all photos on my local system which along with all other computer files gets automatically backed up daily to the Carbonite Cloud.  Will this current set-up be problematic by updating to LR Classic CC?

      4.  When signing up for LR Classic CC, which exact option do I select on the Adobe site?  I do not need their 1TB backup service as I will be backing up to the Carbonite Cloud.


      Your feedback on the above questions will be greatly appreciated.


      Best Regards,