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    How to: Receive updates when Lightroom CC moves up from 1.0

    blueharmony1 Level 1



      I'm trialing LR CC now, and have one day left. I don't intend to buy in at V1.0, as the service is missing some features that I need. But I want to be kept informed when new versions are released so I can easily see what new features have been added.


      Any ideas?


      Here's the Missing Features I need:

      1.On the LR CC web, edit/add/delete individual or multiple keywords on individual or multiple pictures/videos.

      2. On the LR CC web, display the pictures organized by year and date like LR CC desktop does (shown here)


      I need these two features so that I can make keyword edits and easily browse by date when I am traveling and don't have access to the desktop app on my pc.