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    IS ANYONE FROM ADOBE HERE? Experiencing abysmal service, feeling forsaken by Adobe




      I will remain cool, but I am furious under the surface. Been using Adobe products for 25 years. Been a business owner buying and licensing Adobe products for ten of those years. Your programs are remarkable and ever advancing, but as someone who has watched the remarkable progress I have to say they have got increasingly more glitchy and buggy. My original request was a Photoshop tech request posted 5 days ago... just tumble weed... no answers. I don't blame the community for this, but if this is the only avenue Adobe leave open to me, which it is, they should be here answering this stuff. I spend a lot of money on Adobe products and am so disappointed at your support service, not even the same planet as someone like Apple Mac, or even someone like 123reg who provide web hosting.


      So I can't online chat. Fine, somewhat archaic and clearly the first statement of intent that Adobe doesn't want to take responsibility to its customers... put up a few walls, slow down the pace. OK call UK tech support number, but that doesn't work either. So I call Adobe on a general enquiry line and have the most ridiculous chat whereby they give me the same broken number again, then another broken number, then eventually say they can't help and I should post amongst the community. Really? As a business I have to ask other users rather than Adobe staff for help. Okay fine... 5 days later no one cares about my post. By the way I posted before I called but a couple of day later and no reply, what am I to do.


      The transcript for the conversation which I have is laughable... if a member of my staff was that unhelpful to a client I would see it as dereliction of duty and probably misconduct. (No I wasn't rude or angry with the person the other end... they were just hopeless, useless and did nothing but waste my time).


      Having looked up how to complain, guess what... I have to post amongst the community...  Feel bad as IF anybody from Adobe does respond to this and try and help then it is of course appreciated. However, Adobe is hiding behind this farcical support structure.


      Sorry, about as calm as a I can be...

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          WILDCAT54 Level 4

          For anyone that is looking, here is a link to his original post - Main Photoshop window is blank even while a file is open, I can't see my work

          I am unsure what steps you should take to fix this issue but I hope someone here can.

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            Terri Stevens Adobe Community Professional

            Hello LimeyDog,

            First of all sorry you are having so many problems. My first thought would be that if you have a number of different Macs in your business and only one of your machines is affected then the problem is likely to be due to some setting or failure on that machine.


            It is really amazingly difficult to diagnose hardware issues on this forum and Adobe technical support are geared up to answering questions about their software not how to configure Apple computers. That said-two ACPs have attempted to help you and you have not responded at all even with basic information like what version of Photoshop you are using. When that happens we often conclude the OP has resolved their problem and needs no further assistance. You cannot expect us to magically know you still have an issue. I think though if you engage in a dialog with us you will get positive responses as many people here are more expert with their computer systems than Adobe technical support.


            Retina screens are undoubtedly a problem with Photoshop in fact if you look at the system requirements for Photoshop CC2018 you will see no mention of ultra high definition screens because they currently are not seamlessly supported-this may be why Adobe are not being over helpful as the technology you are using is running ahead of the capabilities of the software and you are expected to match your hardware to the software requirements. I know this all sounds very harsh but you do need basic rules to run the software. Retinas can be made to work , many people use them with tiny interface elements or gigantic menus and until the interface scaling technology in the beta now in testing is released your Retina screen may be problematic. Hopefully if you provide more information here someone with a similar system with be able to help, but it has to be a dialog.

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              Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Unfortunately, Adobe help isn't that helpful very often. That is one of the reasons for these forums, as most users have more experience with Adobe products that the Adobe help desk. Adobe has so many products and they get asked so many questions, that it would be near impossible for them to answer them all and with any accuracy. I think I heard that Adobe gets about a million hits on their forums daily. So, frankly, it's always best to try and start here. Sometime, some of us can try and alert some of the Adobe engineers or staff to a difficult question - sometimes. It kind of reminds me of when I was working in a color processing lab years ago. We used to use Pako processing equipment, and do our own repairs on the processors. Pako would come to us to troubleshoot issues some of their other customers were having, as we knew the equipment better than Pako.

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                Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                Hi Limeydog007,


                Really sorry about the poor support experience you've had, but am very glad you were able to get assistance here in the forums.

                With the major updates lately there has been quite a bit of traffic, so apologies if there's an extra delay getting to a response.


                If you'd like to send me a private message with some of the incorrect phone numbers that you were given, I can follow up with the teams about these numbers.


                If you do run into further trouble, feel free to start another thread here in the forums. Hopefully we'll do a better job of getting a timely response to you.




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                  cyberwasp Level 2

                  Also. Most people with complaints seldom realize that the computer they are trying to use a program on is unique in respect to hardware and software. it's almost impossible to diagnose what the problem is without knowing machine specifics. Whenever I attempt to answer anyone, I first ask what OS they're using and if they've updated any drivers  or their OS lately.


                  For example. I recently built a new machine and had problems with keyboard shortcuts not working correctly. After digging I learned that my video driver loaded a utility that used similar shortcuts and messed with the ones in PS. Maybe adobe could change the way users post question and have an entry for hardware info, just a thought!.