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    Adobe Photoshop ACE Exam promo code


      This is unrelated to PS from a technical perspective, so I apologize in advance if this is post in the wrong place.


      I purchased an Adobe ACE exam (Photoshop CC 2015) last year through PearsonVUE using the promo code "BOGO". Using that promo code I would get the second registration free (if scheduled within 12 months). I took the first exam, but Pearson support is now claiming that I didn't enter the promo code and won't receive the second exam unless Adobe directly provides a promo code to me.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue? I've contacted Pearson VUE via Phone who then passed me off to Adobe Support (???), and Adobe Chat Support linked me to the forum claiming I would "surely get a resolution". It seems like a long shot to me, but I'm hoping someone else might have some insight?