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    "Intallation Failed" - Error 183

    daniloprado Level 1

      I'm having problems trying to install Adobe XD CC. The weird fact is that I had the Beta version running flawlessly.

      I already checked tons of other topics online and here on Adobe's forum. But nothing seems to work.


      Already tried:

      - running everything I could think of in Admin mode.

      - uninstalling all Adobe CC apps and used the Adobe Cleaner tool.

      - ran other softwares like CCleaner tool, to remove any possible trace.


      Nothing worked. Here's the error log:



      Exit Code: 183

      -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

      - 2 fatal error(s), 0 error(s), 1 warnings(s)


      FATAL: Error (Code = 183) executing in command 'RunProgramCommand' for package: 'UWPAssets', version:

      FATAL: Error occurred in install of package (Name: UWPAssets Version: Error code: '183'

      WARN: Program "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe/Adobe XD CC/CSDKConfigurator.exe" failed with exit code: -1



      Any other log I can find ANYWHERE to help fix this problem?