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    Actions and Sets


      My Action Palette is a mess so I am attempting to make Sets so that I can drag relevant actions into specific sets and tidy it up. However when I open up New Set and start to type in a name for it the first letter is highlighted and so when I continue you to type the letters I have typed are replaced by the new letter. The only work around that works is if I type a letter then click off that letter and type in the next letter, click type click type until the word is done click ok and there is what is supposed to be a New Set but I then try and drag an action into the New Set. It does not highlight the New Set when I drag the Action to it and therefore does not place that action into the New Set.

      If any one can help with this I'd very much appreciate it as it's driving me crazy. Oh and this highlight and typing bug does the same thing when making a New Action. This is the only App/Program on my desktop (Windows 10) that is doing this.

      HELP !!