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    Scrollpane with mc ref


      I'm currently building my own tabed window component and now I'm stuck...I'm able to change my tabs and display the content in the scrollpane (I use a scrollpane as a display for my tab in my component). The problem is when I change the content property and change from tab to tab it always reload the class and I loose all my change made in the last tab...

      Is there anyway to have a movieclip ref as a contentPath so I could create hidden MC on my movie witch will keep their property change.

      for exemple :

      I have my_mc.text = "Hey !"
      Witch is some class text that I want to load in my tab component scrollPane.
      It work good when I'm currently on the tab as I created a getContent function witch return "theScrollPane.content" where I can set for exemple : myTab.getContent().text = "somethine new"

      but when I change my tab (myTab.contentPath = somethingnew) I'll loose my last text when I return to the last tab

      If there was only text I could have global text var but If I load a complex class in my scrollPane with dynamicly created movieclip ... I loose them all

      ...anyway if you have any idea I would appreciate.

      I could change the scrollPane to a movieClip. and change this MC to my hidden MCs...but the current scrollPane have nice scrollbar and have a maximum showing aera...

      ...as I'm writting.... I think I could have a permanent contentPath..with an empty MC..witch I could change the ref........I'll try this but I'm waiting for any tips or idea !


      (sorry for my english...it's not my maiden language)