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    Bugs when copying content from Illustrator


      Hello! I'm designing my web layouts in Illustrator initially, but recently I've been incorporating XD into the mix. I love it, but there's weird behaviour when copying/pasting content from Illustrator. For instance, I had a vector shape with gradient fill. When pasting to XD, the colours were flipped vertically. I had to rasterize the shape to display correctly, but that's hardly productive. Another issue is with text content: Sometimes the text (one line title) doesn't fit in its container, causing it to flow to another line. Also, it seems XD doesn't understand Illustrator ALL CAPS option in character panel, so text is pasted with default appearance.


      Are these known bugs, or am I doing something wrong? I've been dragging and dropping and copying and pasting, no difference. I'm using XD 1.0