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    Copy Paste issue in Photoshop CC Version 19.0 Release

    SimrunTech Level 1



      I am using Photoshop CC Version 19.0 Release, in Windows 7 professional x64 Edition.


      I am facing issue in a Normal Copy-paste functionality in Windows after using the Copy-paste function from Photoshop.


      this is really irritating as once the copy paste function stops it only works after I restart my system.


      I am facing too much difficulty because of this in my normal day to day professional work.


      I have also tried to install the older version to this up-to version CC 2014 (15 Release). but in all of the version I am facing this issue.


      Issue only starts after I copy anything from Photoshop and try to paste it outside in any other app. e.g. some text.


      If I don't use Photoshop, then the normal copy paste functionality works well, until I try to copy something from Photoshop.


      I hope anyone has a solution to this issue, please post the solution asap so I can do the work more effectively.


      thanks in advance.