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    2018 UPdate Problem with Chrome


      Hi Guys


      Updated to the 2018 version and all seemed well until I uploaded a new site and the following happens:


      Only on chrome on a mobile, the widths start to play up and allow you to scroll to the right. I've tested a site taking out what appear to be the offending elements and it still happens. I also had a master that worked fine - duplicated it and allocated to the pages that were playing up and it still happens. The browser previewworks fine, as does firefox, but other users have also reported this problem.


      I'm about to put back the previous version so no live environment I can show i'm afraid. Page widths and setup are fine and the email icon is pinned to the top right. White top bar is set to full width. Even if you remove them it still happens.


      Back to 2017 version we go again....

      2017-10-31 11.54.30.png