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    About Sound Problems




         I started to create one flash document with mixed of sounds, then take two buttons PLAY and STOP, and I take code snippets for those two buttons( I take mouse click events) and then I press ctrl+Enter the movie will automatically play that's fine, when I click stop button the animation and sound will stop at a time but when i click Play button it's play only animation without sound.


      Please tell me the code snippets or ActionScript code or Anything other else.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if your sound is added to a timeline, check the properties panel after selecting the keyframe where your sound was added and check it from event to stream.  retest.

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            srinuv77229301 Level 1

            I added 7 audio files
            so I take one new layer and  I synchronized that audio files into my main time line
            now what am i doing?

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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              kglad was meaning that if you select the sound in the timeline, look in the Properties panel, and make sure that the Synch setting is Stream, and not Event. If it's Event and you stop the animation, the sound won't start again unless you rewind the animation. If it's Stream it should continue where it was when you stopped it.


              If that doesn't work out there are code ways to do it, but they're not simple, so hopefully the timeline approach will work out.

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