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    Photoshop CC 2018 fills up entire hard drive while in use!




      the new Photoshop shows a fairly interesting error on my machine.


      When I'm transforming a file with higher resolution, the transforming has always taken its time. But now it just keeps running until it eventually crashes and I have to restart Photoshop.


      Also Interesting is that as soon as I start the process, Photoshop seems use up the empty space on my hard drive until it reaches its maximum. So here the timeline of what happens:


      - the usual loading bar appears showing me the slowly advancing progress of rendering the transformation

      - it keeps getting slower

      - by that time the internal as well as some third party hard drive monitors start showing that my empty disk space is filling up rapidly

      - when the disk is completely filled I start getting the spinning beach ball while hovering the mouse over Photoshop

      - mean whilst the rest of macOS works just fine. I can open and close apps, surf in the internet and even watch Netflix

      - after certain amount of time I usually force quit Photoshop, what immediately results in my disk freeing up to its usual 150GB of free space


      So thats it. I used all the normal trouble shoots I'm aware of. Restarting, resetting PRAM, tweaking the performance setting in Photoshop, emptying my hard drive BUT nothing changed.

      Of course I've heard of the computer using my disk as flexible RAM when it needs to, but really? 16GB RAM plus 150GB of SSD RAM aren't enough to finish a fairly simple process?


      I´m using Photoshop 19.0 on a MacBook Pro 15" mid 15´, 2,2GHz i7, 16GB RAM, Intel Iris Pro running macOS High Sierra 10.13. Also I did a quick screencast of what happens and uploaded it.



      Maybe you guys have any advice aside from reinstalling and resetting (all of which I have already done). A quick Google and forum search didn't`t help so here I am asking politely. Please forgive any horrible stylistic and orthographic mistakes I made, for I'm not a native speaker.


      Best regards from Germany